Cuando los sapos bailen Flamenco – Ella Baila Sola

Me alegra tanto oir tu voz aunque dormidopor fin viajabas como en tus sueñosbuscando un sitio para volver why sin poder olvidar lo que dejas lo que has aprendidovan a cambiar las caras los sueños, los días why yolentamente te pierdo Como un regalo que al ensuciarse tiró quien limpiabacomo un vaso depués de beberContinue reading “Cuando los sapos bailen Flamenco – Ella Baila Sola”

The Wind – Cat Stevens

I listen to the windTo the wind of my soulWhere I’ll end up, well, I thinkOnly God really knows I’ve sat upon the setting sunBut never, never, never, neverI never wanted water onceNo, never, never, never I listen to my wordsBut they fall far belowI let my music take me whereMy heart wants to goContinue reading “The Wind – Cat Stevens”

Double Session – 2

Today, a dear friend send me this song performed by Bely Basarte & David, the song called Mentiras de Jarabe, that I could translate as Sweet Lies… ohhh what a great gift. After, hearing that song, flying in my thoughts, the following one, followed as a magic spell from the YouTube engine profiler…oh my surprise,Continue reading “Double Session – 2”

Double Season – 1

Hi there ! I am an anonymous who likes songs, specially from last century 😉 when most of my young-hood happened. Now, at the edge of my life, I began to feel a Deja-vu effect in many quotidian occurrences. Old memories seems to be reviewed again these days. Fashion, films, music, politics and lies. FromContinue reading “Double Season – 1”