Suspicious Minds

Lyrics We’re caught in a trapI can’t walk outBecause I love you too much, babyWhy can’t you seeWhat you’re doing to meWhen you don’t believe a word I say? We can’t go on togetherWith suspicious minds (suspicious minds)And we can’t build our dreamsOn suspicious minds So if an old friend I knowStops by to sayContinue reading “Suspicious Minds”

Good and Bad Times, sometimes …

This is a Led Zeppelin song, which I thought when youth, ohh what all those word means I liked it without understanding any meaning at all, but today after listening Beth Hart version I took a look to the lyrics and when following the rhythm I was wondering if the sweet girl is now singingContinue reading “Good and Bad Times, sometimes …”

How will be our last day?

Some day we will wake uplast sunlightwill embrace uswithout nothing, those will be our last something for sure is, we always think we could have another day, …. butwhat if don’t? Someone fixes that by trying risked paths this song says, better than living with fear, is to die smiling … trying to do ourContinue reading “How will be our last day?”

When end arrives…

Lyrics I am fool to want you / Sinatra “I’m a fool to want youI’m a fool to want youTo want a love that can’t be trueA love that’s there for others too I’m a fool to hold youSuch a fool to hold youTo seek a kiss not mine aloneTo share a kiss the DevilContinue reading “When end arrives…”

Desire & Head Heart – Meg Myers

Sometimes, we despaired and we love without limits….thinking, thinking about her/him twisting those thoughts in our mind without stop Meg interprets in this double session with mastery how is or is felt Is she thinking about me?…. ohh for much I think, and I wish, I am burning myself in a low flaming fire, whileContinue reading “Desire & Head Heart – Meg Myers”